Medical records checks for firearms and shotgun licence applications

Whether you’re applying for the first time or renewing a licence, MedCert can help.

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A private medical solution for those whose GPs can’t or won’t help

MedCert is a private medical service for those who want to avoid any delays caused by obtaining a medical check from their current GP. Costing a flat fee of £50, and guaranteeing an expert response to police with a short turnaround time, our service is designed to remove the worry caused by the current administrative system.

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How It Works

If you require a medical report as part of the licensing process, and your GP won’t help, you can purchase our service, which works as follows:

  • Step One

    We request your medical records, and your GP sends them to us, via secure electronic transfer or recorded post, within a month of receiving the request. Once with MedCert, your records will only ever be seen by a medical professional.

  • Step Two

    On receipt of your records, one of our doctors reviews them and creates a report that addresses the licensing criteria.

  • Step Three

    This report is sent to your firearms licensing authority and/or you, depending on the requirements of your local police force. The report is sent within a maximum of seven working days from the date on which MedCert receives your records.


Medcert Records Check & Report

  • Apply easily online
  • Organisational discount codes can be applied at checkout
  • Your report will be sent within six weeks


Medcert Records Check & Report (CPSA)

  • Apply easily online
  • Organisational discount codes can be applied at checkout
  • Your report will be sent within six weeks
  • XYZ for supporting CPSA applications

Our Pricing

We charge a flat fee for medical records checks, regardless of whether you’re renewing or applying for the first time.

If you are a member of a shooting organisation you may be able to benefit from a discount that they have negotiated with us - check your membership magazine or organisation's website for details.

  • Standard
  • CPSA


The police, like the NHS, are on the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. As such, many forces are reassigning resources to the front line so they can best help and protect the UK at this extremely difficult time. This means that some firearms departments are putting new procedures in place.

Grants: A number of licensing authorities are not accepting applications for new licences during the pandemic. Whilst we are happy to provide a medical check for your future application we recommend you checking with your police force before using our service, as once complete medical reports are only valid for a certain period of time.

Renewals: At present firearms authorities are doing everything they can to deliver renewals in the normal manner, while also looking for ways to ease the strain this virus is putting on both their departments and individual applicants. They are aware that, due to the extraordinary and ever-changing situation at present, delays to every stage of the process may be inevitable. MedCert will, as always, not only keep you informed throughout the report process  but also keep up to date on each authority's changing requirements and follow their guidelines on your behalf.