MedCert Medical Record Check

£60 +VAT

Applying for or renewing your firearms or shotgun licence? MedCert provides a fast and efficient medical records check and report for police, without the need to utilise your GP.

There is a flat fee of £60 +VAT for individuals regardless of whether it is a renewal or initial application (grant), and regardless of whether you require a shotgun licence, firearms certificate, coterminous licence or RFD. If you would like to use our service, please see further details of the steps below. If you are dealing with licensing on behalf of a business, please contact us in the first instance.

Please note:

All firearms licensing units in England, Wales and Scotland now require a medical proforma to be submitted at the same time as your license application. Due to the updated regulations, once you receive your completed medical form it is your responsibility to send this to your firearms department along with the rest of your application.

Police constabulary
Your firearms licensing department is division of your current police constabulary.
(Unsure of your Police constabulary – Click here)
Type of Application
Grant for a new or expired licence.
Renewal for a current licence holder with at least four months before expiry.
If unsure, please get in contact. 
Type of Licence
Shotgun / Firearm / Coterminous (both Shotgun and Firearm).

How It Works

You now need medical verification report as part of the licensing process, If your GP won’t help, you can purchase our service, which works as follows:

Step One

We place a request for your medical records on your behalf and the record holder is legally required to send these within a month of receiving the request. Once with MedCert, your records will only ever be seen by a medical professional.

Step Two

On receipt of your records, one of our doctors reviews them and creates a report that addresses the licensing criteria. Should your records be incomplete MedCert will work with your surgery, the wider NHS and all other relevant parties to retrieve the necessary information.

Step Three

Following the new legislation you must send the completed proforma along with your renewal or grant application. We hold a reference copy should you or your firearms licensing unit require it at any stage.

Providing all information received is accurate this process takes approximately 6-8 weeks (this varies depending on your GP surgery response time).

Postal strikes in December

Due to the ongoing postal strikes we will be sending copies of completed reports to clients via email rather than Royal Mail. If you require your paper copy before the new year then please contact us.