Terms and conditions


MedCert provides medical reports for those applying for, or renewing, a shotgun or firearms licence. These are provided in and through the format specified by the relevant licensing authority.
Please read these terms carefully so that you understand them. These terms cover all the services we provide to you, regardless of the manner in which you apply. If you do not agree with these terms you should not continue your application with us.

Any reference to “MedCert”, “our”, “us” and “Company” are references to MedCert Limited, a limited company registered in England and Wales (company number 12134380), the registered office being 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU.

When you use our services, our healthcare practitioners will serve you from the UK.

These terms include details on our complaints procedure and what is required from you to provide the services. You will be asked to accept these terms as part of your account registration. We may update the terms from time to time, and if your rights change we will always notify you of this. If you do not agree to, or cannot comply with, these terms as amended, you should not use our service. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms as amended if you continue to use the service after any amendments are made.

Our Privacy Policy sets out how your personal information will be used by us.

We would like to remind you that:
• We provide medical reports for shotgun and firearms licence applications.
• To create these reports, we require access to your medical records, which you may provide when applying, or through a subject access request made during your application.
• We need certain information from you in order to provide services (see section C)
• Sometimes the records provided by you or your surgery may be insufficient for the purposes of creating a report. In these cases we reserve the right to contact your surgery for more information, and in extreme cases to refuse to create a report and issue a refund minus any relevant administration charges.
• While we aim to provide the service to you within the six week period advised on our website, we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by your GP, Royal Mail or any other factors outside our control.
• By signing up to our service you consent to us sharing any information we feel relevant, including your completed proforma, with your licensing authority, either at their request or otherwise.
• When signing up to your service you also give us the same permissions as you would your GP in the terms and conditions of your police pro forma.

About us and our services.

MedCert provides medical reports for those applying for, or renewing, a shotgun or firearms licence. These are provided in and through the format specified by the relevant licensing authority.
Our services are provided using appropriately qualified medical professionals based in the UK.


We provide our services using our website, and communication methods such as email, telephone and post.

Our service consists of a qualified, UK-registered medical professional reviewing your medical records and providing a report in the format requested by the police.

This report may be returned to you and/or your licensing authority, depending on the requirements in place in your area.

Creating the report is contingent on us having access to your full medical records. You give us permission to access these when you apply for our service. If you already have access to a copy of your records, you acknowledge that these must be assessed for suitability prior to any report being created, and that MedCert may have to request further records in order to create an accurate report.

MedCert cannot be held responsible for any delays resulting from the format in which you or your surgery provide the records to us.

To complete a report, MedCert’s doctors will review your records and summarise any relevant details. They will not give an opinion save if your licensing authority is in Scotland.

MedCert is neither responsible nor liable for whether or not you are granted a licence. This decision is made SOLELY by the police.

MedCert reserves the right to terminate the service and/or inform the relevant licensing authority in cases where we suspect the client is trying to conceal relevant medical details from us and/or the police. In these circumstances no refund will be issued.

We provide our Clinical Services using reasonable skill and care from appropriately qualified, and experienced, staff and practitioners. If you think that our services have not met this standard, please contact us as soon as possible. We will fix or re-perform, without charge, any services we agree do not meet this standard.

We can’t provide our services without certain information and other things from you.

We can only provide the services in accordance with these terms if you provide us with the information we need in order to help you. You must be careful that:

  • any information you give to is accurate and in English;
  • you notify us of any disparity between your home address and that with which you are registered with your GP and/or firearms licensing authority;
  • you notify us if you have ever been registered with a healthcare provider outside the UK;
  • you follow any instructions you are given and supply any extra information we require to access your records and complete your report; and
  • you tell us if any of our information about you is or becomes inaccurate or incomplete.

We may need to ask you for certain personal information in order to provide our services. If you do not provide this information when requested, we may be unable to provide our services.

We will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards any of our staff.

We may suspend your access to services or terminate your account with us if your use of services breaches any of these terms.

How to access our services, and limitations and other terms concerning access.

• Most commonly you will access our service through our website. We make the website available for access using Infrastructure, but are not responsible for Infrastructure ourselves. If you wish to use the service, you should ensure you have an internet-enabled device and a sufficient internet connection available.
• Technical or security threats or issues affecting the Infrastructure may require us to suspend our services in order to ensure they are secure and/or operating optimally. We will minimise these suspensions, but are not responsible to refund charges or compensate you if they occur.
• We operate anti-virus and malicious software prevention measures on the website, but we cannot guarantee that our services will always be virus-free. You should ensure that your devices used to access services are protected against viruses and malicious software. You must not use or expose the website to virus or malicious software contamination.
• Not having access to the internet does not preclude you from using our services, and our administration team will inform you of the most applicable route for your circumstances.
• Payments made to MedCert are processed directly by a third party processor that will store all payment information and transaction details. We will only retain details of transactions on secure servers and we will not retain your credit or debit card information.

What happens if we change these terms
We may need to change these terms sometimes, for example, when the rules regulating our services change, in order to ensure that our services are secure and your information is safe, or when we update or modify our services or our charges. If we make a change to these terms that affects your rights or obligations, we will notify you.

How we use your information
We use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please take the time to read it as it includes important details about how we secure and process your data.

Sometimes, you will not be able to receive services – this section explains why
• We may not be able to provide our services if they are affected by events outside our control. We are not responsible to you if this happens, but if it does, we will notify you as soon as we can and take the steps that we reasonably can to minimise the interruption to our services.
• We design our service to keep your personal data secure and it is important that you follow the usage instructions and advice in these terms in order to keep your data safe. We are not liable for loss or unauthorised access to your data where it results from you not following these instructions and advice.

• If you decide you no longer want to use the service you can cancel within 14 days of placing your order and receive a full refund.
• If you decide you no longer want to use the service and cancel after the 14-day period has expired we may grant you a partial refund less any relevant administration fees. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
• Refunds will be processed within 30 days of a refund request being received.

What happens if you have a complaint about our services or disagree with us about anything to do with these terms
• If you have a complaint about our services, we would like to resolve it as soon as possible. Please tell us about your complaint as soon as you can so that we can do this.
• If you wish to make a formal complaint about our services, you should do so as soon as possible by calling or emailing us via the details provided on our website. We may ask you for certain details about you and your complaint in order to address it. Please provide these as soon as you can so that we can resolve your complaint quickly.
• We will tell you the outcome of our investigation into your complaint and give you the chance to discuss it with us. If we have done something wrong, we will apologise to you.
• If any disagreement between you and us arises in connection with these terms, we will attempt to resolve it by discussing it with you.

Postal strikes in December

Due to the ongoing postal strikes we will be sending copies of completed reports to clients via email rather than Royal Mail. If you require your paper copy before the new year then please contact us.