MedCert Loves: The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust

To mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week (15-21 May), we’re taking a look at the work of a fantastic organisation which supports a key part of the shooting community: The Gamekeepers Welfare Trust.

Founded in 1992, the Gamekeepers Welfare Trust is a registered charity that supports gamekeepers, stalkers, ghillies and their families in times of need. The Trust’s mission is to promote and preserve the physical and mental wellbeing of those who work in the gamekeeping profession and to offer help and support to those who face financial, medical, or emotional difficulties.

One of the Trust’s key services is its Helpline, which offers a confidential and non-judgmental listening ear. The Helpline is staffed by trained volunteers who understand the unique challenges of the gamekeeping profession and who can offer practical advice and emotional support to those in need. This includes signposting to free counselling where appropriate.

All of their work is confidential: you can call Jamie’s Helpline and the GWT Health Line, or email, entirely in confidence:
– Jamie’s Helpline 0300 1233 088
– GWT Health Line 0300 011 0018

In addition to this, the Trust also provides a number of bespoke information packs, both online and in print, which provide valuable guides to those struggling with their mental health.

These resources are all alongside the GWT’s other offerings, which include training courses, practical assistance on housing and employment, and financial support – the latter including emergency grants, hardship funds, and educational bursaries.

The Gamekeeper’s Welfare Trust is a vital lifeline for gamekeepers and their families, offering practical and emotional support when it’s needed most. Its work helps to ensure that gamekeepers can continue to play their vital role in the conservation and management of our countryside, and that they receive the support and recognition they deserve.

If you’d like to find out more, you can visit their website at You’ll also find their wonderful CEO Helen Benson and other members of staff and volunteers at many of the shooting and game fairs over the course of the year.



MedCert Team

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